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I can offer the following services:
.NET Development

Extra support for .NET development activities.

From Console applications to Web applications with extra layers containing WCF/Web API Services.

MVC, Linq, EntityFramework

Mobile Development

Extra support for Mobile Development activites.

Using responsive toolkits like Bootstrap or building Mobile applications natively using Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS).

Bootstrap, SPA, JavaScript

Software Architecture

Extra support for creating functional- and/or technical designs for work items.

Using default templates of your brand to write design of functionality or on how to solve issues.

Functional design, Technical design

Scrum Master

Extra support using agile project development methods.

I’ve worked in a Scrum process that has run very smooth of which I can share my experience of how Scrum should be used.

Test Driven Development, Definition of done


I am a passionate Software Developer who loves Front-end and Back-end development with a specialty for .NET

My path that I took to get where I am now:

I’ve first learned how to program in 2005 in PHP as an intern, mastering the basics of programming itself. After that I’ve learned the ins and outs of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by implementing websites within standard CMS between 2006 through 2009. Also mastering the skills of using Photoshop and many tools like Notepad++, Sublime Text (aiding in finishing repetitive actions extremely fast), WinMerge, TotalCommander, SVN, TFS, SSMS Tools Pack (don’t write SELECT … FROM all the time just type SSF and save your frequent snippets!). I am not mentioning the obvious tools like Visual Studio, since a developer should know his tools to be and stay productive.

Seeing many cross-browser issues and learning many bypasses, advancing in JavaScript by using OOP, jQuery and AJAX. After 2009 I’ve begun developing in back-end C# in which I’ve learned many culprits like standard software, performance, caching, T-SQL stored procedures, deploying websites manually in different IIS versions.

By graduating as a Bachelor of Science in 2012 in my evening study I’ve went to work for different companies as a flex worker to see all different kinds of applications and people to work with. Harnessing communication skills to communicate effectively and solve issues quicker with the gained experience of all years combined in Front-end and Back-end development. As long as you know how to program, the syntax doesn’t matter. “We need help in VB code!” No problem I’ll learn VB overnight and fix it tomorrow!

2015, many years of experience, graduation and certificates (not that important, but why not have both? Practical experience as number one and the theoretic information to know what is possible). It is time for me to help out people who need a web developer with skills to aid in their projects as a freelancer.

  • .NET Development

    Console, WinForm, WebForms, MVC, SPA.

  • Mobile Development

    Bootstrap, SPA, JavaScript. Experience in native development is lower lately as of more .NET Development in assignments.

  • Software Architecture

    Functional design, Technical Design. Writing design's as a developer to be approved for realisation.

  • Scrum Master

    I've seen how a SCRUM proces should work and have a Scrum Master certificate but have not been a Scrum master yet.

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